Friday, October 30, 2009

Work in progress... baby, dragonfly pendant...

I am so bummed, this baby has so many moonies, and I am basically out of clay and no funds for it yet... oh well she is going to be cute, and I will finish her with all the cracks:) Since I could never do another one like her. She is 101 sculpt!
So I had fun making these tiny dragon flies for necklaces or pins. Made from Sculpy. I still have to paint and figure out a design to make them stronger. I had fun experimenting. I will clear coat too for added durability and I am thinking of a polymer clay leaf or wrapped wire, so many ideas going through my head. The one on the right has black beads for eyes!


  1. I'm sure the baby will look darling when you are done with her! You make such beautiful faces!

  2. Thank you Martha! Notice the cute outfit you sent? Thank you so much! Hugs