Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ooak Baby mermaid hand sculpted wip

I am creating these mer-babies for my nieces Emily and Kaylee. I am almost finished and two more to complete. Each one is hand sculpted and painted.

Their head bands were fun to make and include a birthstone. I twisted wire, shells, ribbon and stones or beads... I love the simplicity! I made these Mermaid dolls for girls ages 5- 13 and they all love them!
I plan on adding a few more details like colored sand on the shells etc.... They will be finished soon. I hope you enjoy looking :)

Blessings, Kat


  1. Very beautiful and so sweet.

  2. Hi Today is the first chance I had to check comments :) These tiny sculptures are sold. Thank you for the comments!!! I am working on new ones! I hope to have a new series of mer-babies soon! Blessings, Cat