Thursday, April 15, 2010

OOAK Angel Baby Girl Ornament Art Doll ADO

Hello all :) A new baby angel ornament. This is "Hope" She is tiny, measures about 3.5" and has hand sculpted wings and hair. She is not finished yet... Thinking of doing a reproduction... I love creating and although I haven't been blogging much I love sharing my work and appreciate all comments!

Blessings, cat


  1. I know you'll get all comments saying "sweet" but it is the perfect adjective for her..she is absolutely "sweet"!

  2. She is just the cutest Cat! How are you doing? I've not been around much lately!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)

  3. How do i buy one of these? Do you still make them? Do you customize them? ie- blonde hair/girl etc... How much are they? thank you.

  4. Did you ever decide to reproduce these? One of my dearest friends had a baby today that died within 40 minutes of being born and I'm looking for a baby angel ornament to give them for their tree. This would be absolutely perfect. Please let me know. My email is She is precious! Kate Asbury Larkin, Opelika, Ala.

  5. Do you make these to sell> I am getting married in July and want to add an angel to my flowergirl basket in honor if my nneice who was born sleeping.

    1. Hi Yes I do make these angel babies to sell, this one is sold :) If you are interested in one I can create one for you. I am on Facebook Art By Cat C, Thank you for your interest.