Friday, February 19, 2010

New baby Girl ooak art doll Fairy, W I P

Hi everyone :)
I wanted to share a work in progress. This is my new baby fairy. She is a full sculpt, anatomically correct and sits perfectly on her bottom. The bottom picture is how she began, actually months ago. I was motivated to finish her after participating in my first OWOH giveaway :) She measures 3.5 inches tall. I am still working on her fairy out fit which will be a diaper, headband, and jacket with one of a kind wings of my own design and technique. I was going to attach the wings to her body, but decided she was too cute to put a hole in her back :) I really love the way she is coming along. She also has hand made brown eyes and brown mohair.
I hope you enjoy this new fairy.
Blessings, Cat


  1. She is just darling!! So sweet!

  2. It's hard to believe that she started out with foil. I had so hoped to win your sweet little giveaway doll for OWOH. Maybe next year.


  3. Thank you so much for the comments, when I am creating these babies I just do not know how they are developing :)
    Blessings, cat

  4. So adorable.So tiny,thanks for sharing!~~Becky

  5. Catherine she is so adorable!! you have the best babies!! She's adorable!! I love her. Very awesome work!

  6. Your work is incredible and she is adorable! :)