Monday, June 8, 2009

WIP fairy wings paper

This is an exciting new technique...
I purchased a wood burning tool some years ago.
Well finally got to use it. I wanted a unique way to create wings for a series of fairies. This pair will only be used for reference.
My techniques will develop as I use the tool. I used a rounded tip to create this design... wait until I try the other cutting tips ! Will post pictures of other designs soon. I will be experimenting and having a blast, just getting use to the tool !


  1. Hello Cat!!
    I had to stop by and say your bitty babies are
    TOO precious!!!, And am very curious about what kind of tool this is?

  2. Hi Flora,
    thank you for the comment!
    I used a wood burning tool... the designs are from my dragonfly tiles. I had loads of fun!! After I burnt the design I painted it with a mixture of acrylic paints and tacky glue, then sparkle mod-podge. The pair on my baby Alaina are my favorite so far!