Thursday, June 11, 2009

OOAK Fairy wings WIP

My OOAK Fairy wings were so fun to create!
Each step took many hours.
The materials are paper, paint and wire.
The image is a copy of my hand etched tile. First I burnt the design with a wood burning tool, and lightly sanded.
Second, I mixed paint with tacky glue and painted the wings for strength.
Third step I glued wire to the out side edge of wings.... forth step used wooden dow for center and wrapped with wire glued in place for attaching to a soft bodied baby pictured here.
Not shown... fifth step I coated with shimmery Mod podge... still drying. Next challenge is to create a fairy dress for the baby shown. And finally creating her display bed. More good things to come ! Thanks for viewing!

front view

Back view


  1. Oh Catherine - they are great! well worth the tears and effort I'd say!! :O)

  2. Thank you, Abi
    I can't wait to finish the other pair yellow/blue. I am adding copper wire... not around the edge though : )