Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi welcome,
This is where I will be showcasing my art. I have been an artist for 25 years. 
Below is a description of my craft.

 Catherine etches by hand hard surfaces such as 

Granite, marble, natural stone and some metal, using a diamond-tip 

engraver. She is self taught and developed this process and 

continues to produce original works of art. The entire process is 

done by hand and is very time consuming and tedious. Any custom 

design takes thirty to seventy-five hours to complete. First the 

artist creates an image. The drawing is than transferred to the 

material she is using. The etching is done with an electric engraver. 

To achieve deep lines she must repeat the strokes with the tool, 

thus creating contrast. Steady hands and focus are skills she has 

developed over a journey of seventeen years. Catherine’s unique 

style has a realistic effect bringing three dimensions to a flat 

surface. Catherine accepts custom orders. Portraits are her 


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